Theology as resistance.

And nudity.

You know. Balance.

I am going through a transition. Yes, another. Shut up. I already have a bad attitude about it, and being judged only makes me disintegrate into an Enneagram 8 even harder.

It turns out, if you are me, you are constantly growing and moving and changing, for better or worse.  It's entirely exhausting and I am not even sure I like it, but I have yet to figure out how to be anything else.

I never land anywhere. I swear. A lot.

At present, I have ditched religion with no intention of going back, which, given my track record, means I could be a fundamentalist conservative cult leader by 2021. (Kidding. I hope.)

I am discovering who I am without fear, shame, or the threat of eternal torment in hell. Honestly? It's kind of nice.