Hey, I’m Tori. Nice to meet you.

Welcome. I’m a writer, anti-racist educator, radical feminist, single mama, student, and prolific tweeter.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I was very aware of the acute disparities in our city and the way that race seemed to be an influential force in access to the ladder of upward mobility.

As an adult, I have been able to collect and curate data, ideas, and arguments to prove just that. People who hold white privilege have a responsibility to not only help others up the ladder but to build more of them. After 500 years of state-sanctioned racial terrorism on this continent, restitution feels overwhelming or even impossible. It’s easy to become discouraged by the magnitude of the task.

That’s why I decided to create White Homework. I am working to making racial justice accessible to normal, every day white people and anyone who aspires to allyship and accountability.

I’m gonna be honest, I want you to join me.

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