White Homework

Or, “But what can i DEW about racismmm?!”

Does that sound familiar? You may have found yourself asking this question. Maybe you asked it to yourself. Maybe you asked it of an author during the Q&A following a book reading. Perhaps you asked a person of color online.

Well, my friend, you are in the right place. Here is your answer. This is what you can do.

Please be reminded, as Mariame Kaba constantly points out, hope is a discipline. Unlearning white supremacy is a lifelong commitment, not something you master after a month, or a year, or 10,000 hours. You will never not be in recovery. It’s saying no to a substance that not only enhances your life, but diminishes the lives of people around you. If you are reading this and you hold white privilege, you likely don’t see the people whose lives are diminished. If you are a Millennial or Gen X, it’s likely your parents unintentionally chose to raise you in a segregated manner, so you don’t actually see those who are harmed.

You are here, I hope, because you desire to change. First yourself, then your circle. All are welcome, and there is no reward. I will hand out “White Moderate” stickers to the whiners, though.

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Me & White supremacy by Layla F. Saad

This is a good starting point for really unpacking white supremacy and critically examining the ways it plays out in our lives. How it protects white people and harms people of color, religious minorities, and others who have been racialized. It is a nonnegotiable in terms of getting started on your path to discovery. If you’d like to do the workbook with an online group, let me know and we’ll work something out.


Hope & Hard Pills by Andre Henry

If you aspire to be a co-conspirator with people of color in pursuit of racial and economic justice, Hope & Hard Pills is the perfect place to jump in. With creativity, bravery, and compassion, Andre Henry’s daily work is a fierce commitment to racial justice and social change. He reminds us daily that it doesn’t have to be this way. Please join his vibrant, diverse community by signing up for his newsletter by clicking “Learn More” below and support his work on Patreon.

Hope is a discipline. Artwork by Monica Trinidad

Hope is a discipline. Artwork by Monica Trinidad

Mariame Kaba

Mariame Kaba is an activist and educator whose work focuses on ending violence, dismantling the prison system, and supporting youth. The work she does is practically endless. She has created multiple resources for people to educate themselves on injustice in the prison system. She’s a relentless advocate for black women and girls who have been imprisoned following acts of self-defense. On her website you can find her writing, work, and workshops. You can also follow her on Twitter, @prisonculture