Mother's Day for single mom friends, Friendly Atheist, Blog's Back!

Welcome back! My stuff is like... getting around.

Wow, it's been a really crazy week for me. I relaunched this little blog I posted an essay on evangelicals and their insistence on invoking black abortion rates every time Black Lives Matter comes up, while completely disregarding the quality of black of lives after they are born. It was surprisingly well-received and was even written up over on the Patheos blog, Friendly Atheist.

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Mother's Day is next week! Reminder to check up on your single mama friends.

I wanted to share some ways you can help the single mamas and moms with less support because of deployments, illness, being far from family, less-than-supportive partners, etc.

Free or cost negligible

  • Send an encouraging text. Address what she is going through, not just a generic “Happy Mothers Day!!!1!” Affirm that she is a good mom doing hard work and changing the world.
  • Offer to babysit. This costs you nothing but your time, and it benefits your mom friend’s mental health. Be specific. Say I’m available Saturdays, the 20th, the 27th and the 3rd from 9-12 or 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • Invite her over for dinner.
  • Offer to come over and pick up the house, take care of the dishes and do laundry. I know this sounds crazy but for a mom who doesn’t have much support, having one less thing to do is HUGE.
  • Use your social media to do a cash-infusion. If you know a mom who needs help financially, use your social media to boost her. Get her PayPal, Venmo, Cash app user names, find a cute picture of your friend, and write a glowing post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platform you use saying how much you appreciate your mama friend and encourage people to give.
  • Offer to do her grocery shopping for her. If you go to the grocery store anyway, why not pick up her groceries while you’re there?


  • Write a card, letter or postcard. Like sit down and actually write something meaningful.  Grab a stamp and drop it in the mail.
  • Buy her a fancy coffee or give her a $5 coffee card


  • Farmers Market flowers! One way to be a super interstellar rock star friend is to find out what her favorite flowers are before you buy.
  • Bottle of wine. Because let’s be real, wine is how we survive motherhood some nights.

What I'm loving this week

Somehow earlier in the week I stumbled onto the podcast Unzipped PDX and




Moving away from evangelical purity culture to a more healthy, positive view of human sexuality has been a really incredible experience for me personally. (10/10 highly recommend!) This show takes a very deep dive into topics of sexuality, sexual expression, and the effects that our sex-negative society has on the lives of sex workers.

The show is hosted by two Portland strippers, Elle Stanger and Orchid Souris Rouge, who are incredibly wise, intelligent, and completely f*cking hilarious. Their thoughts on relationships and sexuality rival any therapists in my own opinion (and I have a seen a lot of therapists).

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Please check out their work and follow them on IG.

Elle can be found here and Orchid's page is here.