NIce to meet you, i'm tori

I'm a writer, an anti-racist activist and educator, a diversity coach, neuroscience research assistant, history nerd, and an ex-evangelical. I use neuroscience to reframe the way culture engages with mental health, race, racism, spiritual abuse, sexuality, and the legal system.

I tried y'all...

I really did try. I fought like hell to be the way I was supposed to be in church and stuff. Truly. In church, at least the kind of churches I attended, they told you that the Holy Spirit would empower you to live the life that God wanted you to live. Holy, blameless, not drawn toward sin.

Turns out, beating myself up in an attempt to live up to this impossible standard isn't great for your health. For some reason or another, it seemed that the Holy Spirit never picked up the slack. You're supposed to keep fighting the way you really are until you die.

But let's be honest. I've never really had that kind of self-control.

I am who I am.

I'm not sure it's good enough for God, if he/she/they actually exist somewhere outside the multiverse. It's pretty arrogant to think you're good enough for god, though, wouldn't you agree?

I still frame much of my experience through the lens of Scripture. Theology is the way I resist the oppressive and harmful teachings of the Christian church. The trouble with a 1,000+ page text is that you can use it to justify pretty much anything.

After a lifetime of having theology used to keep me boxed in, it’s fun to use it on the people who told me I had to amputate parts of who I am in order to be good.

It would be an honor if you joined me.